Temple Beth El Schaefer Family Campus

333 SW 4th Avenue, Boca Raton, FL 33432

Temple Beth El’s Schaefer Family Campus in East Boca Raton is the spiritual and historical center of the synagogue. Temple Beth El was founded in 1967, built in 1977, and holds the proud designation of being the first synagogue in Boca Raton. Since then, the Schaefer Family Campus in East Boca has undergone multiple renovations and additions, most recently adding the Beth El Mausoleum in 2005 (the only Mausoleum in the United States on synagogue grounds),  and renovating the worship, learning, social and office spaces in 2018-2019. 

Shabbat services on Friday evenings provide an uplifting and joyful end to the week, typically drawing between 300-500 people. People vacationing in or relocating to Boca Raton often seek out Temple Beth El as a place to learn, pray, make friends, or have a Shabbat meal in a welcoming, modern, and festive Jewish envrionment.


Features of Temple Beth El Schaefer Family Campus in East Boca Raton - Entrance and Covered Drop-Off Area

schaefer family campus

Welcome Center and Judaic Art

Artwork with messages of Love, Social Justice and Tzedakah, and Community will greet each person as they walk through the door, reflecting the Jewish values that mean the most to our congregation.  The spectacular artwork throughout the campus has been commissioned specifically for Temple Beth El.

Rabbi Merle E. Singer Sanctuary

This glorious worship space has been upgraded with new lighting and acoustics, but its most iconic structure is the ark. Freestanding, created plank-by-plank, on-site by a shipbuilder when the synagogue was first built in 1977, and reaching toward the sky, it symbolizes nature reflecting the essence of a flower and a tree.  As light nourishes a tree, we by our practice of Judaism, keep the Torah alive, which is the Living Word of God. The ark branches up to meet the rays that stream in through the skylight above it. The ark's doors may be seen as the petals of a flower; each time they open they reveal the Torah symbolizing the renewal of life. Or, the ark may be seen as a Tree of Life, in the heart of which thrives the Torah, a living document.

Beck Family Chapel

The new chapel will be a peaceful oasis highlighted by natural wood surroundings, tall ceilings that reach towards the sky,  and six large windows behind the ark that will illuminate the space with natural light.

Rendering of the new chapel.

Beit Midrash

Relationships, impact and meaning  for members of our congregation and the greater Boca Raton community will be inspired in this new adult learning center.

Freyda and Edward Burns Social Justice Center

These messages in Hebrew and English remind us what is truly important to us as Jews.  Tikkun Olam /repairing the world, living with kindness, caring for each other are just some of the goals we hope to inspire with our social justice center.

Freyda and Edward Burns Social Justice Center at Temple Beth El of Boca Raton

Social Hall and Atrium 

Renovated with a modern, neutral color palette and upgraded light fixtures, these rooms provide a gorgeous backdrop for any wedding, bar/bat mitzvah, bris or baby naming. They are also used for temple Shabbat dinners, breakfasts and other events throughout the year.


Bat Mitzvah at Temple Beth El Boca Raton



Bat Mitzvah Temple Beth El Boca Raton



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