Sustaining Members

We thank our Sustaining Members who ensure the ongoing strength and resiliency of the temple and its mission by contributing higher than the regular annual membership.

These contributions provide the synagogue with a dependable base of revenue so that no family is turned away, no child is denied a religious school education, and in times of great need we may assist those who require our help. To learn more about Sustaining Membership, and to become a Sustaining Member yourself, click here.


Sustaining Members 2019-2020


Grand Benefactor

Louis Beck

Patty Beck

Freyda and Ed Burns

Lew Gould

Wilma and Jim Kaufman

Fran and Nathan Nachlas

Graziela and Mason Slaine

Velia Sweet



Maddi and Wes Finch

Edith Stein



Jen and Brad Berkowitz

Lorraine and Howard Freeman

Jill and Steven Hacker

Nilma and David Igdaloff

Hillary and Rodger Krouse

Carolyne and Ed Levy

Susie Malnove and Paul Malnove

Myrna and Norm Ricken

Meredith and Jeffrey Schneider

Jacqueline and Neal Shear

Gina and Greg Shugar

Simone and Sam Spiegel

Lenore Wachtel

Ellie and Norman Weiss



Sheila and Dick Asher

Marilyn and Stanley Barry

Marjorie and Dennis Berg

Joan Goldburg

Kenny Goodman

Silvana and Barry Halperin

Meredith and Marc Hirsh

Adele and Herman Lebersfeld

Joanna and Bob Meisel

Arlene and Robert Merson

Susan and Barry Podolsky

Cheryl and Adam Runsdorf

Linda and Bobby Schmier

Deb  and Neal Slafsky

Christy McElhaney and Mark Sunshine

Fran Weinberg



Janis Manley and Steve Barrow

Judith Beiner

Toni and Arnold Berliner

Lindy and Steven Cohen

Andrea and Robert Colton

Marilyn and Robert Dragin

Elaine and Herb Gimelstob

Glenda and Ken Gordon

Corinne and Jerry Gorelick

Karyn and Stuart Grossman

Sheilah and Bob Harrow

Deanna Katz

Arlene and Ira Lazar

Jan and Allen Lev

Stephanie and Nate Lowen

Susan and Bruce Moldow

Jennifer and David Morse

Mary Perper

Dale and David Pratt

JoAnn and Philip Procacci

Jill and Greg Rispler

Laurie Silvers and Mitchell Rubenstein

Stephanie and Steven Schuster

Shari and Craig Schwamm

Debbie and Larry Silver

Jane Skelton

Wendy and Steve Walin

Susan and Jaime Weiss

Ilene and Peter Wohlgemuth

Patricia and Dan Cohen



Priscilla and Len Adler

Debbie and Chas Averbook

Barbara and Jonathan Berman

Betsy and David Blechman

Marlene and Richard Bluestein

Ellen and Howard Bolner

Robin and Ken Bresky

Andrea and Roy Bresky

Reginee and Mark Bromson

Dorothy Bucksbaum

Terri and Stephen Chetek

Carolyn and Jeff Coleman

Karen and Mark Dern

Shirley and Warren Deutsch

Lois and Leonard Dopkins

Sue and Stephen Feldman

Lynda and Michael Frost

Sheila and Robert Furr

Rani Garfinkle

Bob Geller

Marion Goldstein

Gladys and Arnold Granet

Marian and Marvin Gruber

Susan and Meyer Haberman

Lorri and Cliff Hark

Susan and Joel Ivers

Bonnie and Steven Kanowitz

Pam and Tom Kaplan

Yvette and Aviv Katz

Suzanne and Jeffrey Katz

Cristina and Donald Keusch

Gail and Harold Kirstein

Gail and Keith Kronish

Marci and Jeff Langley

Mimi and Len Leeds

Melissa Friedman-Levine and Brad Levine

Robert Levinson

Ellie and Martin Lifton

Brooke and David Lukes

Marcia and Ken Namerow

Jennifer and David Oppenheim

Carole Pedvis

Charlotte and Morris Robinson

Linda and Norman Rose

Jackie and Mark Saltzman

Mara and Michael Shapiro

Jill and Alan Slootsky

Sally and Aubrey Strul

Ilyne Mendelson and Steve Terk

Beverly Warheit

Marilyn and Jay Weinberg

Shirley and Bart Weisman