Religious School K-12 Curriculum

Temple Beth El of Boca Raton Welcome to the Tribe

Kindergarten - 6th Grade
Welcome to the Tribe!

The fundamentals of Jewish learning, Jewish values, Jewish holidays and Jewish community. Each student will become part of a Temple Beth El Tribe, where they will belong until they graduate.

KIDS - Traditional Learning Model

• Making Temple Beth El a home away from home
• Making Jewish friends; building a sense of community and tradition
• An integrated Hebrew program that will include robust T'fillah (prayer), Jewish Life Vocabulary and the Hebrew through Movement program.
• One-on-one Hebrew tutoring approximately one year before Bar Mitzvah/Bat Mitzvah

BEYACHAD – Family Learning Model

We are thrilled to continue Beyachad, which means “together” in Hebrew. As a community of parents and children, the program will explore the Jewish values and provide opportunities to learn together.

• 3rd - 6th grade, parents and students together, connecting with other families and the clergy about 12 times throughout the year.
• Includes a Shabbat and Havdalah worship


7th Grade
The Mitzvah Year


Most of our 7th graders are focusing and reflecting on their own experiences as they become Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah.  As a class, they will turn their attentions outward as they give back to the community.  Students will learn about a variety of mitzvah projects that speak to their interests and work together with their classmates to make a difference.  (There is no additional Bar/Bat Mitzvah fee.)


8th - 12th Grade

Applying the lessons of Torah to everyday life. Growing into a good Jewish adult.

• Being Jewish in Our World 
• Moral Decision Making 
• Social Action/Social Justice 
• Social/Emotional Self Care 
• Jewish Identity/Feeling Jewish on the Inside
• Israel, Holocaust and the World

Who's Teaching?

These older students will have progressed to a deeper understanding of Judaism and a more mature approach to learning,  and so will be taught primarily by Rabbi Dan Levin, Rabbi Jessica Mates, Rabbi Greg Weisman, and Director of Youth Education and Engagement, Heather Erez. Guest lecturers and our education staff will provide additional opportunities to learn.

8th Grade - Two Options

Madrichim/Teacher Assistant Training
Learning by Teaching
Sunday mornings

Students become outstanding role models to our younger students, while continuing to build connections to each other and the temple community. This year will prepare them to be Teacher Assistants in high school (paid or volunteer hours), as they learn to put into action Jewish values of courage, respect, kindness and more. Additionally, they will become CPR and First Aid certified, learn to work with students with special needs, and learn basic job skills.

Enduring Jewish Values of Resilience and Self-Care

Every other Tuesday, 7:00 - 8:30 pm

Students build character promote a better world through a Jewish foundation.


9th Grade - Comparative Religions

After a refresher on Reform Judaism, students will learn about the doctrines and practices of other religions by engaging in other faith traditions.


10th Grade - Confirmation

In 10th grade, an exploration of the student's Jewish heritage and identity will culminate in a Confirmation ceremony and celebration at the end of the year.


11th & 12th Grade - Holocaust

Students will study the Holocaust by focusing on ordinary people making difficult decisions and how those lessons can be applied to our modern world.


For information, email Heather Erez, Director of Youth Education and engagement, call the  school office at 561-391-8900