Religious School 180










Temple Beth El Religious School is excited to announce our new online program for the 2020-2021 academic year Religious School 180 (RS180)!

Religious School 180 is an innovative, engaging and values-based curriculum utilizing technology that children are comfortable interacting with. It’s a fun, interactive way to learn Hebrew and Judaism. Our knowledgeable clergy and creative Religious School staff will enhance the online learning experience while building upon the child’s previous knowledge. There will be a continuity of learning that will feel fresh and present-day while also rooted in our school’s Jewish roots. It will also be connected to our Temple community in a variety of ways.

RS180 will consist of a variety of components where each family can choose when and how they participate. You may opt to join any or all of the following:

  • Live sessions with Heather Erez, or one of our clergy members

  • "How To" and DIY (Do It Yourself) activities/videos

  • T'fillah to keep prayer as a constant during an inconsistent time

  • Hebrew Through Movement classes

  • Tutoring for our Bar/Bat Mitzvah students

  • Tribal Gatherings for grade level interaction led by Melissa Abell (these will transition into in person when able)

Our videos and activities for enrolled families will be saved to ShulCloud to access at any time. We know schedules are changing and aren't sure how adjustments will be for any of our children, so we want to provide a nimble program and not be "one more thing" your family needs to figure out.

Please refer to the FAQ below for any questions. Feel free to email Heather Erez, our Religious School director for more information.



Frequently Asked Questions:

What do I do to sign up?

Fill out this simple registration formmake sure your membership is renewed for 2020-2021, and pay a ONE TIME fee of $180 - that's it!

Is it really only $180?

Yes, each K-12 student who enrolls will pay $180 for our Religious School 180! educational content and Tribal Gathering activities.

  • 6th Graders will need to pay $500 of the original tuition that goes toward the B'nai Mitzvah costs and tutoring
  • 7th Graders will need to pay $400 of the original tuition that goes toward the B'nai Mitzvah costs and tutoring


What if I already enrolled?

When you follow the registration link, you will be able to tell us in just a few clicks if you want to keep your previous enrollment the same or edit any of it. You will not have to do the whole form again.


We were already awarded a scholarship, what happens to that?

With the new rate of $180 per student, we hope this year will now be affordable for all. All prior requests for financial assistance will be revisited by the scholarship committee. If you are adjusting your registration or have yet to enroll, the new, simpler form is included in registration. You may also access it after logging into your ShulCloud account here.


How will I get the information for each of the projects or live sessions?

We send out our weekly email on Tuesday mornings, (please let us know if you aren't getting them!) and we will also post information on the Tribe Facebook groups. Links are below to join your Tribe.


My child is getting ready for Bar/Bat Mitzvah, how will that look?

The religious school team will be in touch with families about tutoring and dates. Tutoring will continue but will be online for now.


How will my child retain the Hebrew they learned?

By opting in to the Religious School 180 sessions for Hebrew Through Movement and T'fillah and using the Jewish Life Vocabulary that will be sent out, all K-6th graders will be right on track for next year. Our #OnwardHebrew program that we have already started transitioning to lends itself perfectly to this pivot online!


What about the curriculum my child should have learned this year?

Judaism is so incredibly vast, we can't fit everything into our regular program either! We have chosen a program this year that focuses on Jewish Values that is developmentally appropriate for every age to access on their own level. We will also continue with holiday, Torah and Israel programming in addition to the Hebrew as explained above. If you opt in, Judaism will be rich and vibrant in your home and for your children.


Will there be anything in person this year?

We hope so! Our goal is to bring children together for social activities as soon as we are told it's safe to do so. We feel that Tribal Gathering activities give us a lot of flexibility so that we can safely gather and know we can provide a fun experience. We miss your children and we know they miss their friends, this is one of our top priorities, so stay tuned!


Do we have to pay more for Tribal Gatherings if they are in person?

Nope! It's included in your $180 tuition!


How will confirmation look for 10th graders this year?

Rabbi Dan is still committed to teaching confirmation and will be in touch with families who enroll with a schedule.


My child is in BOFTY, how is that working?

There is still a BOFTY youth group membership which you can opt to pay into for your 9th-12th grader when registering. The BOFTY board has been busy working to create a fun year for all members.


This is an incredible gesture by the Temple to answer the financial and safety concerns from the congregation, we would like to help support the synagogue during this time, what can we do?

Thank you! Your continued membership and support is the first step in keeping the temple a vibrant center of Jewish life in Boca Raton. When you enroll your children in Religious School 180 there is a place for you to add more to the tuition if you are inclined and able to do so. I'll tell you now, we certainly appreciate it! You also have a place to indicate that you are willing to volunteer. We need help calling to check in on other congregants, some who are home alone or elderly, there are opportunities to deliver food and host online gatherings. And you may have your own ideas! Please email Heather Erez if you have any questions or want to be more involved.