Temple Beth El Catering FAQ

Artisan Foods has been the temple’s in-house catering partner since January 1, 2019. Anyone interested in booking an event will begin the planning process by speaking with Artisan Foods’ in-house catering manager. If you prefer to not use Artisan Foods as your caterer, you still have the option of selecting two other approved caterers: Chez Gourmet or TooJays. Here are answers to some common questions:

Q.          What happens if we already have a party booked and reserved?
A.           Temple Beth El and Artisan Foods will honor any contracts that have been signed prior to October 1, 2018, so nothing will change for you. 

Q.          If my child is having a Bar/Bat Mitzvah service at Temple Beth El, are we required to have the party at Temple Beth El?
A.           No.  If you have a Saturday morning service, you are not required to have your child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah party at Temple Beth El.  However, if you would like a Saturday evening Havdalah Bar/Bat Mitzvah service, then you must have your Saturday evening party at Beth El using one of the approved caterers.

Q.          Do I have to use Artisan Foods to cater my event?
A.           No.  If you do not want to use Artisan Foods, you may also choose between Chez Gourmet or TooJay’s.

Q.          Can I bring in another caterer besides Artisan Foods, Chez Gourmet or TooJay’s?
A.           No.  In order to maintain the Temple’s high quality standards, only these three companies are approved to cater events at Temple Beth El for our members.

Q.          If we book a party at the Temple, do we have to pay any facility rental fees?
A.           If you select Artisan Foods to cater your event, the facility rental fee is waived. If you select Chez Gourmet or TooJay’s, a facility rental will apply, payable to Artisan Foods.

Q.          How much is the facility rental fee if we do not select Artisan Foods to cater our event?
A.           Facility rental fees vary depending on the day of the week, the time of day, and the room(s) you wish to reserve.  The facility rental fee schedule is substantially similar to what the Temple currently charges its members to rent banquet rooms.

Q.          Why are we required to pay a facility rental fee if we do not select Artisan Foods to cater our event?
A.           Artisan Foods is incurring substantial expenses under this new arrangement.  Artisan Foods is contributing to the Temple’s costs for expenses such as utilities, trash pick-up, pest control, natural gas and cleaning.  Artisan Foods is also participating financially in the renovations to the Social Hall and Atrium enhancements.  Artisan Foods is also assuming operation, maintenance and repair responsibility for all of the commercial food service and storage equipment in the catering kitchen.  Chez Gourmet and TooJay’s are not contributing to any of these expenses.  The facility rental fees payable to Artisan help defray these capital and operation and maintenance expenses.

Q.          Can I have my child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah service at the Beck Family Campus in the new multi-purpose gathering hall?
A.           No.  All Bar/Bat Mitzvah services will occur at the Schaefer Family Campus. But you can have your Bar/Bat Mitzvah party at the Beck Family Campus.

Q.          Can non-members rent the Temple’s banquet facilities?
A.           Yes. However, non-members must utilize Artisan Foods for their catering needs.

Q.          How do I reserve a caterer for my child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah?
A.           First contact Artisan Foods.  They will walk you through the room reservation and party planning process.

Q.          If I am a volunteer or staff member organizing a catered event for the Temple’s own needs (for example, Sisterhood, Brotherhood, Parenthood, BOFTY, Religious School, Committee Meetings, etc.) am I required to use Artisan Foods?
A.           No.  However, certain restrictions apply.  Please contact  Sharon Stern or Rita Diamond for details.

Q.          Can we supply our own beer, wine or liquor to our event?
A.           No. Due to liability and licensing issues, the provision and serving of alcoholic beverages must be arranged through one of the approved caterers.

Q.          Who should I contact at the Temple if I have additional questions about planning a party or the Temple’s catering program?
A.           Please contact Sharon Stern at 561-391-8900.  If you would like to speak to someone at Artisan Foods about an event after January 1, 2019, please contact Brad Friedman at 954-983-5338.