Annual Giving Donors 2019

Deepest gratitude to those who have contributed to the Annual Appeal as of 1/1/2020.
MAGEN: Shield
Marjorie and Dennis Berg
Linda R. Kaminow
CHESED: Loving Kindness
George Brock
TZADDIK: Righteous Person
Louis Beck
Patty Beck
Maddi and Wes Finch
Elaine and Herb Gimelstob
Lew Gould
Neta Kolasa
NER TAMID: Eternal Light
Linda and Bobby Schmier
Jane Skelton
CHAI: Life
Sheila and Dick Asher
Judith Beiner
Lorrie and Lloyd Berkowitz
Jan and Rick Chavis
Suzie Rizzuto and Morris Flancbaum
Joan Goldburg
Howard Guggenheim
Barbara and David Jay
Suzanne and Jeffrey Katz
Jan and Allen Lev
Aimee and Rabbi Dan Levin
Madison and Steven Levin
Sarina and Jerry Lind
Ed Listengart
Stephanie and Nate Lowen
Diane Perkins and Paul Mandel
Shelley and Larry Marcus
Cindy and Duncan Morton
Nicki and Jason Neimark
Myrna and Norm Ricken
Meredith and Jeff Schneider
Hanita and Rabbi Morry Schreiber
Simone and Sam Spiegel
Christy McElhaney and Mark Sunshine
Jennifer and Michael Vucko
Susan and Jaime Weiss
Ellie and Norman Weiss
CHACHAM: Wise Person
The Estate of Marilyn Anderson
Lynn Barr
Mollye and Glen Berngard
Ellen and Howard Bolner
Linda and Charles Cohen
Andrea Corn
Alene and Richard Court
Shirley and Warren Deutsch
Barry Dorfman
Lorraine and Howard Freeman
Janice Levites and Alan Glazer
Silvana and Barry Halperin
Lorri and Cliff Hark
Ursula and Lenny Hess
Bonnie and Herb Hirsch
Marcia Hoffman
Karen Hollander
Yvette and Aviv Katz
Cristina and Donald Keusch
Penny and David Klein
Danielle and Arthur Levine
Harvey Levins
E.J. and Steve Manton
Marcia Meyers
Arnie and Aviva Miller
Caryn and Peter Mintz
Susan and Bruce Moldow
Helene and Rick Paul
Natalie Pelavin
Georgia and Jay Petkov
Margie Plough and Maurice Plough, Jr.
Susan and Barry Podolsky
JoAnn and Philip Procacci
Jill and Greg Rispler
Lisa Feldman and Ron Rosenwasser
Jamie and Brian Schmier
Bill Schwartz
Karen and Larry Shagrin
Gina and Greg Shugar
Debbie and Larry Silver
Rose and Stuart Singer
Mason Slaine
Susan and Mark Sosin
Sally and Aubrey Strul
Cis Teltser
Wendy and Steve Walin
Jill and Paul Weiner
Lois and Gary Weinstein
Serena and Richard Werber
Barbara Silver and Steven Willner
Henry Wolff, Jr.
Eric and Linda Workman
KAVOD: Honor
Liliana Abramson
Rebekah Acosta
Maxine Arno
Andrea and Michael Aronsohn
Joan and Harold Bader
Michael and Annie Bergner
Harold Bishins
Dana Brown
Linda Cherry
Patricia and Dan Cohen
Joy and Roy Cohen
Kim and Erick Ellsweig
Elizabeth and Aaron Falchook
Susan and John Feinberg
Sue and Steve Feldman
Joan and Franklyn Field
Jan Fine
Hinda and Marvin Finston
Sheryl and Marty Fromowitz
Mariela and Alan Geller
Myrna and Mike Ginsberg
Richard and Lisa Goldman
Staci Graef
Gladys and Arnold Granet
Lynn Guez
Lauren and Michael Halperin
Barbara Harper
Michelle and Mitch Hershey
Grace and Jack Jaiven
Bobbi and Jack Kalmanson
Eileen and Harvey Kamil
Karen and Jan Kaplan
Rebecca and Alan Klasfeld
Merrill and Larry Kotok
Jennie and Larry Kreger
Lee Lasser
Barbara and Jerry Lewin
Michael Lipton
Lysa Long-Burke
Dawn Mazer and Robert Picow
JC and Marty Meyers
Diane More
Jennifer and David Morse
Fredda and Richard Neimark
Dolores and Samuel Newman
Sheri Nusbaum
Philip Pollak
Susan Beil and Jim Reynolds
Jackie and Louis Robinson
Laura Winter and Ron Rosen
Tammy and Mitch Ross
Barton Satsky
Gabi and Jeff Schmier
Stephanie and Steven Schuster
Marie and Mel Schwartz
Amy and Martin Segel
Stacey and Craig Shapiro
Gail and Philip Solomon
Martin and Kathy Stern
Natalie and Isi Sudit
Janet and Allan Sussberg
Lindsay and Jon Swergold
Susie and Mark Tabor
Ilyne Mendelson and Steve Terk
Gail Weisbaum
Tami and Rabbi Greg Weisman
Linda and Dennis Weiss
Jacquelyn and Al Wheeler
Lisa and Kenny Young
Lisa and Andrew Zwick
David and Joanne Applebaum
Marian Aronson and Irene Aronson
Debbie and Chas Averbook
Helaine Banner
Stan Bass
Patty and Louis Beck
Ricki Berger
Linda and William Berger
Toni and Arnold Berliner
Barbara and Jonathan Berman
Sondy and Bob Berman
Bobbie Bernheim
Sonia and Richard Bernstein
Judy and Mike Blackman
Amy and Robert Brand
Annie and Bernie Brickel
Hannah Bubis
Freyda and Ed Burns
Lisa and Brian Cauff
Stephanie and Richard Chestnov
Terri and Stephen Chetek
Leon Cohen
Alice and Ron Cohen
Ronald Cohen
Jessica and Michael Cohn
Roberta Deutsch
Joan and David Dubov
Helene and Jay Eichler
Irene and Merrill Epstein
Marlene Faust
Carol and Larry Feidelman
Stacy and Brian Feinstein
Sheila and Bob Fellman
Sybil Firestone
Lisa and Jonathan Franklin
Naomi Gersh
Dennis and Nancy Gilbert
Lee Gleeman
Andrea and Jerry Goldberg
Ruth and Harry Goldberg
Daniel Goldburg
Joy and Jason Goldman
Richard and Judi Goldmann
Annette and Mike Goldstein
Susan and Dick Goldstein
Glenda and Ken Gordon
Dawn and Chuck Graubert
Joan and David Gray
Fran Greenbaum
Lauren and Alan Gross
Deb and Joe Gudema
Beverly Hacker
Sheilah and Bob Harrow
Dorene Higier
Brigitte and Bruce Himelstein
Suzanne Hochberg
Loretta Holland
Cindy and Paul Homer
Shelley and Barry Hymowitz
Elinor and Jay Josephson
Marc and Mollie Kallen
Pam and Tom Kaplan
Ivy and Steve Kaufman
Roger Kline
Joan and Melvyn Kramer
Bianca and Aaron Krickstein
Marsha Eisenberg and Ezra Krieg
Jamie and Kenneth Lebersfeld
Sherry and Ken Lerner
Jane Leventhal
Stacy and Matt Linick
Lisa and Ben Lusskin
Phyllis and Stephen Lyons
Heather Bennett-Magod and Buddy Magod
Annette and Ken Mogell
Pam Nadler and Mark Sickles
Lin and Rob Nagler
Marcia and Ken Namerow
Arline Neuren
Susan Pierce
Ellie Rassler
Sherry Redler
Laure and Owen Rheingold
Mitchell Rippe
Erik Rosenstrauch
Enid Rosenthal
John and Maxine Ross
Barbara Rovin
Jean Satin
Harriett and Jeff Schilit
Elaine Schlessberg
Brett Schneider
Sharyn and Bob Schneiderman
Marcy and Barry Schultz
Shari and Craig Schwamm
Daniel Seigel
Gloria and Larry Siegel
Sasha and Steve Siegel
Ilyssa and Mark Silver
Mike Solomon
Karen and Henry Somers
Barbara Spielman
Cyndi and Dana Stamler
Dori and Andrew Steiner
Francine and Jeffrey Stoler
Nanci and Fred Stone
Myron Strober
Nina Shapiro-Swab and Chris Swab
Ronna and Marc Taub
Sonny Thal
Shelly and Ed Turetzky
Judy Bodner and Mel Turetzky
Lorraine and Dennis Udwin
Jill Viner
Sondra and Norman Waxman
Joan and Tom Weidenfeld
Barbara Weiss
Marilyn and Hubert Wulkan
Caron Shutan and Jay Yospe
Beth and Jeff Zipper
BRACHA: Blessing
Priscilla and Len Adler
Claudette and Allan Afrow
Sandi and Bob Altner
Amy and Eliot Appel
Staci and Kurt Aron
Debbie Gaines-Askowitz and Eric Askowitz
Bilga Attar
Ann and Fred Axelband
Bruce Bakerman
Ann Lois Ballon
Dori Barenholtz
Rachel and Joshua Baron
Leslie and Michael Baron
Lorraine Becker
Alexandra Paroulek-Bergbauer and Mike Bergbauer
Deborah and Jack Berger
Jen and Brad Berkowitz
Millie and Danny Berman
Betsy and David Blechman
Lauren and Roger Blinder
Marlene and Richard Bluestein
Ev Boccanfuso-Swid
Heidi Boncher and Joel White
Paul Borman
Jim Brachman
Bruce Brodsky
Paul Brody
George Brown
Murray Brown
Dorothy Bucksbaum
Lauren Feingold-Caridi and Steven Caridi
Nancy and David Carver
Judith Chason
Anne Chervony
Barry Chesler
Hannah Chestnov
Myra and Barry Cohen
Rhonda Brown and Stuart Cohen
Carolyn and Jeff Coleman
Nancy Colman
Maxine and Joseph Copulsky
Phyllis and Howard Cordover
Kimmie and Daniel Cruz
Ellen and Stephen Danetz
Edythe and Ted Davis
Rita and Richard Diamond
Leslie and Dean Dobbin
The Estate of Natalie Donn
Judi and Craig Donoff
Selma Drucker
Elizabeth Steinberg and Nate Dvor
Elise and Gary Ecoff
Joan Ehrlich
Robin Eisenberg and Andy Broido
Amy and Todd Eisenberg
Elysa and Scott Elk
Phyllis and Eddie Elman
Jaime Engelman
Elaine and Morton Erenstein
Heather and Shachar Erez
Peggy Falk
Barbara and Lenny Feld
Diane and Joseph Feldman
Joseph Felner
Marcia Felner
Phyllis Fink
Aline Fisher
Hannah and Michael Fisher
Harlene and Richard Fishman
Nadia and David Fogel
Randi and Dan Frazin
Deena and Seymour Freeman
Audrey and Barry Friedman
Sheila and Robert Furr
Dana and Ronen Gabbay
Draisa and Andrew Gale
Karen and Jeff Galin
Leslie and Paul Geller
Suzy Geller
Ronna Gershberg
Gregory Gertsen
Andra and Scott Glick
Susan and Robert Glovsky
Katie and Mitch Goldberg
Tamara Gomez
Stefanie Goldberg and George Gonzalez, Jr.
Felicia and Eric Gordon
Jane and Al Gortz
Marilyn and David Gotterer
Steven and Ellen Gottsegen
Ronni Namerow-Graf and Tim Graf
Kathy and Devin Grandis
Debra and Bruce Green
Marjorie and Stanley Greenbaum
Laurie and Jon Greene
Richard Greene
Karyn and Stuart Grossman
Susen Grossman
Marian and Marvin Gruber
Jessica and David Gussack
Susan and Meyer Haberman
Andrea and Roger Hampton
Paula and Hank Harman
Lawrence and Eileen Harris
Clarissa and Mike Harris
Terrence Harris and Erika Lewin-Harris
Denise and Bruce Harwin
Elissa Hecht
Allison and Bill Heller
Fran and Paul Heller
Bernie Herskowitz
Robin Hirsch
Karyn and Glen Hoffman
Yolanda and Richard Holiber
Sondra Homer-Warner
Diane and Saul Hoppenstein
Allison and Ian Horowitz
Robin and Jay Horvitz
Steve Huber
Debi and Herb Jackman
Mitchell Jacobson
Dawn and Harold Jonas
Maida and David Kahn
Mark Kamen
Barbara and Jack Kanfer
Kathie and Donald Kaplan
Carole Karsch
Judy and Norman Kaufman
Judy and Chet Kay
Ellen Grossbard and Bruce Klarberg
Morty Klein
Steven Klein
Lauren and Richard Koblick
Jodi and Richard Kornblath
Judy and Mike Kornitsky
Jodi and Michael Kotler
Adrienne and Irwin Kotlove
Jennifer and Josh Kramer
Rita and Spencer Kreger
Carole and Stewart Krosser
Jennifer and Alex Kulik
Judy Kuritz
Julie and Mitch Kurman
Tracey Labgold and Michelle Labgold
Elliott Landman
Judy and David Langsam
Stefania Savoldelli and Vinh Le Forrester
Wayne and Wendy Legum
Barbara and Marvin Leventhal
Carol and Herbert Levin
Casey and Jonathan Levin
Ellen and Charles Levine
Audrey and Larry Levine
Fran and Harvey Lifton
Roz and Rob Littman
Brooke and David Lukes
Barbara Malaga
Martin Mandel
Barbara Manning
Debra and Joshua Marcus
Sheryl and Rollie Martin
Michael Matras
Linda and Terry Max
Rhea and Joe Mayerchak
Barbara and Robert Michaelson
Stuart and Maryanne Miro
Robyn Mohr
Barbara and Harvey Morris
Fran and Nathan Nachlas
Lorraine Natkin
Erik and Lottie Nilsen
Ellen O'Connell
Lynn and Joseph Ouslander
Ivel and Frank Paroulek
Kelly and Michael Passeroff
Paul and Barbara Patti
Alicia and Randy Peck
Barbara Perlmutter
Susan and Jerry Pinsky
Ellen and Ed Pollock
Carolyn and Edward Pomeranz
George and Lisa Ponczek
Ron Potkin
Karen and Jeff Press
Katja and Scott Pressman
Sandy Putesky
Nicole and Alan Raines
Helen Regenstreif
Mindy and Richard Retblatt
Jami and Elliot Rice
Babs Robin
Enid and Dennis Robinson
Debbie and Federico Rochwerger
Janice and David Rodkin
Sandy and Phillip Roller
Kevin and Lisajane Romer
Lynn Miner-Rosen and Steve Rosen
Laurie and Joel Rosenberg
Dina and Aaron Rosenblatt
Debbi and Larry Rosenblum
Arline and Ernie Rosenfeld
Lisa and Ken Rosenthal
Judy Rosenwater
Fran Roth
Lindy and Ira Rothstein
Laurie Silvers and Mitchell Rubenstein
Myra Rubenstein
Tobe and Joshua Rubin
Diane and Ira Rubtchinsky
Rockie and Paul Ruttenberg
Bunny and Allen Sabath
Barbara Saletan
Ginny Salus
Raymond & Deborah Samuel
Susan and Gadi Schnabel
Micki Schner
Leonard Scholnick
Jamie Schrier
Jill and Jan Schuman
Leslie Schwam
Jennifer and Michael Schwartz
Judith and Paul Seiden
Judith Seigle
Susan and Jonathan Shapiro
Michael Shapiro
Judy and Mark Shernicoff
Liz and Adam Shonson
Sari Siegel
Lisa and Jeffrey Silver
Arnold Silverman
Sandra and Victor Silverstein
Julie and Richard Simon
Debbie and Michael Simon
Gloria Singer
Randi and Jon Singer
Myra and Rabbi Merle Singer
Mike Sirowitz
Sabrina and Jonathan Smith
Cara and Eric Snyder
Lois and Geoff Solomon
Randee and Howard Solomon
Larry Solomon
Linda Sommers
Risa and Joey Sontz
Jerry Spiegelman
Marisa and Brian Spiro
Jenn Yuil-Steinberg and Michael Steinberg
Rona and Sandy Steinberg
Arlene Stern
Beverly Stewart
Pat and Norman Stolack
Sophia and Bodhi Stone
Michelle and Mike Tannenbaum
Sidney Tartarkin
David and Rasheena Taub
Beth Tavlin
Minelle and Alfredo Tendler
Lauren and David Tolces
Danielle and Hayden Trepeck
Michael Turetzky
Samuel and Lynne Vainberg
Lenore Wachtel
Robin and Gary Warren
Lois and Harold Weber
Renee Weil
Vera Weiler
Fran Weinberg
Tracy and David Weinstein
Bernice Weiss
Karen and Howard Weiss
Randi and Steven Weiss
Luisa and Mark Werner
Melissa and Jordan Wigdor
Cheryl Willner
Myra and Jack Wolf
Rachel and Richard Wurman
Barbara Zipkin
CHAVER: Friend
Jannette Abejean
Melissa and Charles Abell
Jess and Jeff Adelman
Geffen and Michael Altschuler
Melissa and Barak Amram
Suzie and Fred Anton
Barbara Arnold
Lisa Austein
Melissa and Jeff Baer
Jody and Andrew Bandremer
Stephania and Matthew Baratz
Ricki and Milton Barbarosh
Lisa Barenboim
Samantha and Ron Barhai
Seth Beck and Szu-Huey Lee
Roksan and Alper Behar
Brenda Bello
Jessica and Paul Benedetto
Rita Verbin and Joel Benjamin
Karen and Rick Benrubi
Jill and Ian Berger
Bobbi Berlin
Paul Bernstein
Amy and Gary Betensky
Emily and Ilya Beynenson
Elsie and Jack Blanco
Reve Block
David & Bloom Bloom
Maureen and Alec Blotnick
Annette and Jerry Blumberg
Miriam and Jack Boshes
Beverly and Marvin Bransdorf
Jaime and Eric Bricker
Julie and Victor Bright
Lois and Dennis Charney
Lori and Josef Chencin
Elizabeth Ciano
Devon Cohen
Helaine Cohen
Michele and Ira Cohen
Rachel and Jeremy Cohen
Carol and Louis Cohen
Lori Cohen-Vogel
Brian Coleman
Cheryl and Marc Cooper
Carole Cooperman
Kathy Freeman-Costin and Michael Costin
Jaime and Matt Cowan
Megan and Timothy Dempsey
Linda Holtz and Chuck Distler
Donald & Susan Doctor
Heather and Elliot Edelman
Howard Egdish
Tara and Jacques Elmaleh
Norma Emrick
Arnold and Estelle Ernay
William Ertag
Jamie and Mark Farrell
Kate Feingold
Jenna and David Feldman
Roberta and Alan Feldscher
Toby and Gary Feller
Karen and Stephen Feller
Emily and Bryan Feuerberg
Laura and David Fine
Gertrude Finger
Amanda and Douglas Fischer
Kim and Jared Fischer
Staci and Jonathan Fishman
Robin Flaks
Melanie and Fred Fram
Jennifer and Brett Frankel
Roni and Alan Freedman
Diane and Justin Freedman
Heidi and Jarrod Friedman
Marc Friedman
Jade and Jhoel Gaona
Jenn and Benji Gene
Stacey and Adam Genn
Debbie Gilman
Lisa and Adam Glass
Cindy and Ira Goldberg
Sandy and Louis Goldberg
Phyllis Goldberg
Stuart and Rikki Goldenberg
Scott and Alissa Goldman
Amy Goldrod and Dallas Wait
Mark and Clarice Goldstein
Jessica and Jason Golub
Martha and David Goodkin
Jessica and Michael Goodman
Anna Gordon
Chari Gordon
Ethel Gordon
Merav and Jonathan Gosselin
Kim and Steven Graham
Sondra and Kevin Greenberg
Ronald Greenblatt
Howard Gropper
Alison and Michael Gross
Rhona Guberman
Susan Gudema
Ellen Hahn
Stephanie and Robert Halio
Sally and Murray Halperin
Crystal Hanaka
Ashley and Joshua Harden
Allyson Harman
Melissa and Arthur Haspel
Barbara and Bob Hausman
Suzanne Hayward and Howard Zabner
Barbara Heimann
Norma Heit
Marti and Phil Heller
Stacey and Keith Herman
Melinda and Tom Herr
Diane and Jeff Hilton
Carol Himmel and Hank Himmelbaum
Drew and Kari Hoffman
Tina and Harold Hoffman
Roslyn Hopin
Larry Hotz
Ruth and Laurence Howard
Susan and Joel Ivers
Paul Jacobs
Linda Jaro
Lynne Josephson
Joyce Kahane
Annette Kahn
Gary Kain
Nina and Jonathan Kaplan
Rachel and Robert Karpeles
Andrea and Michael Karsch
Bruce and Chris Kassover
Renee Kay
Amy and Andy Kent
Bonnie and Brad Kirsch
Orin Kirshner
Karen Klebenoff
Leonie Klein
Selma Koppelman
Beth and Ari Kornhaber
Maxine Kornitzer
Cindy Korshin
Dara and Michael Krauss
Brenda and David Kronzek
Todd and Lori Kupferman
Talya and Warren Kupin
Cheryl Lapin
Eva Laski
Sara and Eric Lazar
Stacey Lederberg
Ruth LeFrock
Jay Leicher
Janie Leiser and Bernie Siebert
Barbara Levine
Holly and Jeffrey Levine
Stuart Levinson and Jodi Spindel-Levinson
Rick Levitt
Marianne and Ron Levy
Natalie Lewis
Doreen and Michael Lichtenstein
Sue Lichtenstein
Bronia and Eugene Lopatukhin
Stacey and George Luck
Dominique and Irwin Majzner
Eileen Mann
Betsy and Albert Mark
Sandra Martin
Shayna and Richard Martinoff
Andrea and Ed Mass
Jenn and Adam Mayer
Lauren and Evan Mayer
Joanna and Bob Meisel
Stephen & Lisa Mendelsohn
Jay & Joanne Miller
Jamie and Lane Mitnick
Melissa and Adam Moldof
Lauren and Evan Moscov
Shayna and Brian Moss
Mishelle and Pavel Mostun
Gail Nathanson
Naomi Denish and Amalio Nieves
Joan Notes
Bobbi Nusbaum
Erica Eckman and Daniel O'Brien
Janice and Harold Odesnik
Paul and Lisa Oken
Gail Oren
Sari Padorr
Randi and Daniel Paul-Heskins
Brooke Perez
Sandy and Dan Perez
Irina and Damian Pilewski
Harriet Pioquinto
Andrea and Mark Platt
Lisa and Jason Pohl
Esther Poritz
Stacie and Scott Poritz
Amy and Howard Puro
Stella Quintero
Michael Ralby
Rachael and Robert Rand
Sonide and Eric Reid
Tara Reiss
Roni and Seth Robert
Ilana and Brian Roberts
Diane Rocklin
Melissa and Carlos Romero
Nicole and Stuart Rosenblum
Coley and Jared Rosenfeld
Richard and Susan Rosser
Ellie Roth
Lee and Izzy Rotter
Ali and Dan Rubin
Alisa and Scott Rubin
Shirley Rudd
Cheryl and Adam Runsdorf
Angel Leung and Michael Sabin
Joanna and Matt Sackel
Cathy Ghazal and Gonzalo Sanchez-Momox
Crystal Sands Hanaka and Phil Hanaka
Carrie and Carlos Santana
Elaine Savader
Robyn and Neil Schiller
Hynda Schuman
Rita and Tully Schuster
Janine and Adam Schwartz
Susan and David Schwarz
Stacey and Rob Sefton
Alan Serinsky
Roberta and Lorrie Shafer
Mara and Michael Shapiro
Melissa and Jack Sheinker
Louise Shure
Sydney and Craig Siegel
Susie and Micha Siegel
Jana Schreiber and Scott Silverman
Beverly Simon
Brian Sindel
Lynne Singerman
Nancy and Barry Sinrod
Natalya and Marshall Sklar
Jamie Sloan
Jennifer and Jonathan Spatz
Laurie and Michael Sprinzen
Susan and Andy Stallone
Gina and Bill Staples
Gary Stein
Leslie and Rick Steinberg
Leah Steinhart
Marcia and Donald Stone
Deborah and Marc Straus
Lisa Swartz
Allison and Erik Sylvin
Eden and Gregory Tabor
Robin Tartarkin
Elissa Tobin
Jill and Jeffrey Tompkins
Michelle Bonder and Kevin Trembley
Jaclyn and Zachary Tureff
Allison Ullman
Tabitha and Jared Ullman
Leslie Viselman
Sarah and Evan Waldman
Sari and Adam Warden
Michelle Wasch and Mark Stolzberg
Paula and Alan Waxman
Mona Weingarten
Doris Weingrad
Jodi and Steven Weinman
Saragale and Frank Weinstock
Lisa Weinstock
Milton Weitzer
Susan and Barry Werner
Jodie Wheeler
Ronni and Scott Wheeler
Pat White
Mia and Jeffrey Wiener
Cynthia and Michael Wohl
Jules and Jay Wolfberg
Julie Wolkoff
Darlene Wulkan
Rosa and Salomon Yaker
Linny and Jeff Yankow
Ellen and Joel Zeiger
Leslie and Barry Zeitlin
Alan Zelcer
Dan Zipkin