The global health pandemic has not spared our Temple Beth El family, and has made things abundantly clear...

We were not meant to be alone.
We were not created to be in isolation.
We falter without a sense of community and belonging.

In the past year alone, thanks to you, we have helped 500 households to be part of our Temple Beth El community through scholarships, subsidies and emergency assistance.

We anticipate that number could double this year.

Your gift will make the difference between community and isolation for those who need us most. Your gift will help ensure that we can reach out to every single member, from newborns to the elderly, to offer a lifeline for physical and spiritual safety.

Be part of our Chai-line to Healing. One Campaign. One Community. One Million Dollars.

These are the funds needed to get through this crisis, to ensure that Temple Beth El is there for everyone who needs us.

Will you please consider generously supporting this year’s Chai-line to Healing Annual Giving Campaign?


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