We are looking forward to welcoming you, with your children, to religious school this year. In addition to having a wonderful year of growth and exploration, your child’s safety is our utmost concern. We wanted to take this moment to answer a few questions about updates for religious school families this year.   

Religious School Dismissal

Helps keep our students safe and accounted for until returned to their guardians.

What does this mean on the Beck Family Campus?
Students will not be leaving the designated area in front of the Beck Family Campus until they are:
                a. called by a teacher
                b. walking with a parent who came to pick them up

What does this mean on the Schaefer Family Campus?
Students will not be leaving the designated area in front of the Schaefer Family Campus near the courtyard until they are walking with the guardian who came to pick them up.

How will my child know I am in the carpool lane?
A faculty member will call your child’s name to come to your car. You will be asked to provide your child’s name and grade.

What if I want to walk in to pick up my child?
Great! Just be sure you and your child notify the teacher you are leaving. Please be sure to bring your badge!

What if I'd rather stand outside (skip the badge)?
The same faculty member stationed outside can call for your child, if you don’t see them.

If I park, can my student come to my parking spot?
No, we are no longer allowing children to walk into the parking lot without an adult escort.

Can my child and I have an agreed upon meeting place outside of the gate so I can avoid the rush?
No, this would defeat the purpose of our making sure the students are all safe, walking through parking lots and into the general public of the shopping areas prevents Temple Beth El to maintain safety standards.  You may still park outside the gate and walk onto the campus to pick-up your child by the front doors; however, we will not allow children to walk away from the lobby area without an adult escort. 

Won’t this slow up the pick-up process?
At first, it may. However, the safety of our students is our priority and we appreciate your cooperation and patience as we better control our dismissal process.

What if I am a K-1 parent or I just want to walk in?
Please be sure to bring your badge or an ID to show our security officer and they will let you down to the classroom or onto the property.


Students get hungry and a light nosh will help energize them as they learn. We’d like all students to have access to snacks that are nut free in the classrooms that we share with other programs during the week.

When do they get snacks?
Every Sunday, students will be provided a healthy snack during the second part of the morning to keep their energy up during religious school. For weekday Hebrew, a snack option will be available at some point during the class time.

What will the snacks be?
They will rotate every week, but they will be healthy, nut free and gluten free options will be available.

Can I provide snacks for my child’s class?
We appreciate the kind offer but we are going to have to pass. We are working on streamlining the food items that come into class so that we are allergy aware.

Does this mean I don’t have to feed my children breakfast on Sundays?!
No! It is still imperative that your children have a good breakfast before starting to learn at religious school. This is a light snack and not meant to be a meal replacement.

What will happen if my child shows up with food?
We realize that this is a change that can take some time getting used to, we’ll be happy to hold on to their food and return it on their way out at 12:00pm.  By October 8, we ask that they just not bring food in.