Kulanu Chavurot

Have you ever walked into Temple and wondered, “Where am I going to sit? Is there anyone here that I know that I can sit with?”  Experience the difference that a warm welcome can make for you and your family by becoming part of Kulanu Chavurot

"All of Us" ~ "Groups of Friends"

Kulanu Chavurot is a Hebrew phrase that embodies the goal of our small group initiative - kulanu meaning “all of us” and chavurot meaning “groups of friends.” Temple Beth El has a large membership, and Kulanu Chavurot provides the opportunity to interact with other Temple members who share common interests and lifestyles, within an intimate, friendly group setting. Each group has a liaison that is responsible for facilitating the group, including designs its own activities that include shared exploration of our Four Pillars: Spirituality, Education, Social Justice and Social Engagement. Many groups also tag onto Sisterhood, Brotherhood and Temple programs.

Everyone Can Join

When you are new to our temple community, Kulanu Chavurot is a comfortable way to meet new people and build lasting friendships within Temple Beth El. Each new member will be invited to join by email and will complete an online questionnaire that will help connect you with the right group. Groups will be based on age group, geography, common interests and more! Group liaisons/leaders are always needed.

If you are interested in joining Kulanu Chavurot, please contact Elinor Josephson, Director of Engagement and Programming at 561-391-8900 or ejosephson@tbeboca.org or Rachael Rand, Congregational Engagement Coordinator, at 561-391-9091 or rrand@tbeboca.org