Our Congregation is committed to stand together to secure our shared future, both of our synagogue and our people. We are dedicated to the importance of Judaism, providing  children with a Jewish education, celebrating meaningful moments in your life, mourning the passing of a loved one, or simply embracing the spirituality and traditions that are at the heart of Judaism.

For our congregation to thrive, a commitment of financial support is needed from all who wish to be a part of it. To more accurately reflect this shared responsibility, we use the term Congregational Commitment to describe our annual membership payment. 100% of your Congregational Commitment is tax-deductible, as a charitable contribution to a non-profit organization. 

At Temple Beth El, we pride ourselves on making membership accessible to as many people as possible. If any current or prospective member is facing serious financial difficulties,  financial assistance is available.  There is no separate building fund or facilities maintenance fee.  Safety and security is a priority on both campuses and is funded through a $200 annual fee.

Are you interested in becoming a member of Temple Beth El?  Contact us to learn more.
Membership Categories

Sustaining Members 

A visionary group of Temple Beth El members incorporate  a tzedakah contribution into their Congregational Commitment to enable us to provide assistance for others, and contribute between $2,900 and $12,000 per year. Temple Beth El has a proud tradition of providing a welcoming spiritual home to all who want it – not just those who can afford it. Please consider becoming a Sustaining Member when you become a member of Temple Beth El and ask us about the Sustaining Member Benefits Program.

Couple/Family Memberships

Based on the age of the oldest person in the household, annual Congregational Commitment for couples/families is $350 for ages 18-29, $990 for ages 30-36, $1,770 for ages 37-40 and $2,340 for ages 40+. If you are a single parent age 40+ the Congregational Commitment is $1,810. Households with a child currently enrolled in our Early Learning Center are gifted membership until their oldest child is enrolled in third grade Religious School. 
Individual Memberships

Based on their age, annual Congregational Commitment for individuals is $270 for ages 18-29, $540 for ages 30-36, $980 for ages 37-40 and $1,290 for ages 40+. 

Multi-Synagogue Membership 
For individuals/families who maintain membership in good standing with a synagogue located outside of Florida and who reside in Florida for no more than six months per year. Congregational Commitment is $910 for an individual and $1,680 for a couple/family. 

Winter Membership
Winter membership is available for any four consecutive months following the High Holy Days and prior to Passover. Congregational Commitment is $80/month for an Individual and $135/month for a Couple/Family. Some restrictions apply.

Payment Information
Congregational Commitment may be paid annually, three times a year, or in ten monthly installments. This structure is effective July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017, but certain exceptions may apply.  All payments can be made by check or Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express.