Religious School Kindergarten - Sixth Grade

The kindergarten through sixth grade curriculum is designed to engage the student, allowing him/her to discover an individual sense of Jewish self.

Kindergarten and First Grade

Kindergarten is the time for discovery - discovery about the holidays, the synagogue, the beginning of the Torah and God.  First Grade is a time of exploring- exploring Shabbat, being Jewish and our Matriarchs and Patriarchs.

In kindergarten and first grade, the children discover and explore Hebrew, with an introduction to Hebrew letters and language and an exposure to daily and holiday vocabulary through hands-on experiences.

Second Grade

Utilizing the Chai curriculum from the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ), the students are focused around 3 pursuits: Torah, Avodah and Gemilut Hasadim - study, worship, and acts of loving-kindness - in addition to an introduction of Israel.

In second grade students are ready for the building blocks of language. They are introduced to all of the Hebrew letters and vowels, and by the end of the year are able to decode simple words and/or phrases.

Third Grade through Sixth Grade Judaic Studies

In third grade, there is an in-depth focus on the Ten Commandments and Israel.

In fourth grade, students explore the Jewish life cycle and how Jewish values help us become menshen (good people).

Fifth Grade students study Jewish history, focusing on prophets and their wisdom and end the year developing a campaign to Elect a Prophet for President. 

Sixth Grade is an opportunity for the students to explore their relationship with God and Israel.

Third Grade through Sixth Grade Hebrew Studies

Third grade students learn the names and sounds of the Hebrew letters and vowels and by the end of the year, are able to read basic prayers.

The Hebrew curriculum in fourth through sixth grade concentrates on reading and comprehension of the Shabbat morning service.  

The second through sixth grade Hebrew Curriculum has an online component through Behrman House’s Online Learning Center (OLC). The OLC allows students to practice Hebrew online from any computer and tracks student progress.

Youth Group membership is included for students in Kindergarten through 6th grade.